Why BrandProtect?

Internet Threat Detection. Analysis. Mitigation.

To address the critical security need for actionable intelligence about tangible threats beyond the traditional security boundary, BrandProtect delivers an unmatchable combination of advanced proprietary threat detection technology, backed by accurate assessment by a professional team of military-grade threat analysts and fast mitigation by the industry’s most reliable rapid response team.

Situation Analysis

Today, online threats need never touch the security perimeter to cause devastating damage to an enterprise’s reputation, executives, employees, customers or physical locations or events. Even seemingly minor online incidents are often precursors to larger attacks and potential incursions.

For CISOs, Legal teams, CFOs and Executive Committees who are concerned about their threat exposure in a world of increasing online risk, BrandProtect™ provides a complete platform of world class cyber threat detection, analysis, and mitigation services to provide enterprises with knowledge, insight and context about threats beyond the perimeter™” .


What worries me?… The threat I don’t know about. That’s why BrandProtect is so great – the BrandProtect platform finds threats that I can’t normally see. Without BrandProtect threat monitoring, I’d be much more nervous…”

CSO Top 30 NA Bank

Why We Are the Best?

Now in its seventh generation, the BrandProtect SMART™ platform includes all of the capabilities that today’s enterprises must have to stay ahead of cyber threats:

  • 24/7/365 End-to-end attack and threat monitoring across the public internet

  • Enterprise-class workflow and case management

  • Military Grade Analyst team

  • Flexible reporting

  • Multi-language capabilities

  • Optional dark web monitoring

  • Robust API to connect data to internal systems

  • STIX/TAXII support

  • Industry-leading mitigation

  • Deep, trusted partnerships within the global community of registrars, ISPs, browser teams, and strategic security resources and associations

1 Million and Counting!

Founded in 2001, and with hundreds of enterprise clients across the financial services, insurance, retail, health care, manufacturing and consumer marketplaces, BrandProtect has managed and mitigated over 1,000,000 attacks and incidents, including phishing attacks, domain fraud, mobile app schemes, social domain impersonation, executive or agent masquerades, threatening social media activity, and much more.

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“My objective is simple. When customer clicks on a link or navigates to a site or content that they believe is ours, I must make sure they are navigating to a place we control or authorize. The comprehensive BrandProtect threat and incident monitoring and mitigation gives me confidence that I am achieving my goal.”

Chief Counsel Global Retailer

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