The Enterprise Platform for Cyber Threat Monitoring,
Intelligence and Mitigation

ThreatSMART™ by BrandProtect is a technology-enabled services platform designed to defend your enterprise from the cyber threats beyond the perimeter that attack your executive teams, people, IP, enterprise reputation and property.

Why threatSMART is the Best?

Comprehensive, End-to-end Cyber Threat Platform

Threat Assessment and Validations

Timely, Actionable Cyber Threat Intelligence

Experienced team of Military Grade Threat and Behavioral Analysts

Surface Web plus Dark Web Monitoring

Enterprise Workflow and Case Management

Access to the BrandProtect Rapid Response Team™

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“Through online monitoring, BrandProtect discovered a credible, imminent physical threat against our property, employees and customers. Without that early warning, we could have faced a disaster….”

Security Operations Team Major North American Retailer

What is an External Threat?



In today’s enterprise, individuals and assets now move back and forth across the traditional security perimeter, creating a massive and complex enterprise attack surface that is largely outside the traditional and addressable security boundary.



Cyber criminals and threat actors opportunistically probe and threaten your enterprise with attacks that never touch your perimeter.



Attack vectors include phishing, executive masquerading, social engineering, false flag schemes, malicious mobile apps, misleading and erroneous videos, social media amplification, activist schemes, domain and social domain fraud, counterfeit goods ploys, auction fraud, and much more.



Attacks can be self-contained, linked across different online platforms, or precursors to large scale incursions.

Situational Analysis: External Attacks Drive New CISO Requirements

Outside your security perimeter, your enterprise has a complex external attack surface that is being exploited by cyber criminals:

  • You cannot afford to be surprised by what is happening to your enterprise and your enterprise executives “beyond the perimeter”.

  • You are accountable for social risks and social threats that extend across many new dimensions

  • You must become an executive resource for external threat intelligence including virtually all external cyber activity that impacts your enterprise

  • In the world of the digital enterprise, you are responsible for external cyber threat monitoring, analysis and mitigation

  • You are on point for internal education programs promoting cyber threat awareness

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BrandProtect detected, then identified threat actors who were attacking our online and broadcast products. They quickly provided us with intelligence about planned protests and boycotts which could have negatively affected our reputation…”

CISO Global Media Company

ThreatSMART – What You Get

24/7/365 external monitoring for cyber threats, including protective intelligence

Near Real Time Alerting for Critical Incidents

Threat correlation engine helps connect the dots between related incidents

Complete Archiving of all Incident Actions in Secure Portal for post-incident analysis

Customized Executive Summary Reporting

All Incident Data accessible via Enterprise API or STIX/TAXII

Dedicated Threat Analyst plus access to Platform Portal

Rapid Response Team access for mitigation strategy and effort

Options for Linguists for non-English requirements

Services Suite Architecture allows you to deploy only what you need – choose from anti-phishing, executive threat monitoring, event threat monitoring, marketplace/channel monitoring, mobile app, domain theft, or more…


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Securing a Complex Digital Attack Surface: How Viewpost Does It

For CISOs, Security Ops, and Compliance Executives
Special Guest: Christopher Pierson, EVP, General Counsel and Chief Security Officer, Viewpost

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