Social Media, Mobile and Internet Risk Monitoring plus
Complete Anti Phishing

All financial institutions are subject to the FFIEC Guidance on Social Media (December 2013), and Mobile Financial Services (April 2016). cuSMART™, from BrandProtect™  is a complete social media and Internet risk monitoring, analysis, and mitigation platform designed specifically to provide credit unions of all sizes risk visibility, intelligence, and action.

cuSMART™ provides institutions with everything needed to address the issues raised by the FFIEC and part 748 of NCUA Guidance.

Why cuSMART is the Best?

Comprehensive, End-to-end Cyber Threat Platform

Complete view of incidents and incident status through the BrandProtect enterprise portal

Easy Implementation

Dedicated Account Manager to help you with any issues

Complete cost-effective solution

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We couldn’t believe that BrandProtect could do all it promised – online monitoring, threat detection and evaluation, data capture, analysis, and mitigation for the low price they quoted. But they can…and do. bankSMART is a great product for a bank like ours, it delivers unprecedented threat protection at a price we can afford…

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FFIEC Guidance and How it Impacts You

In Guidance first published in December 2013, the FFIEC instructed banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions of all sizes that they were responsible to knowing and understanding all social media and online activity related to their institution – regardless of author.

The FFIEC uses a very broad definition of social media

emails carrying the institutions name and brand (phishing attacks)

blog posts

social media domains and posts


mobile apps

social networking profiles.


Today, banks, credit unions and other and financial institutions are accountable for monitoring and understanding institution-related activities across all the online channels. Large banks can manage this task in a number of ways, but smaller institutions need a right-sized solution for anti phishing, social media and Internet monitoring.

Read More in our White Paper:   FFIEC Social Risk Guidelines – What They Mean To You.

Download The FFIEC White Paper

Webinar Replay: New Cyber Attacks Target Credit Unions

A review of the FFIEC Guidence on social media risk and best practices for brand reputation protection

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cuSMART – What You Get


Comprehensive Protection

Includes complete brand monitoring, anti-phishing protection, mobile application inspection, and social media monitoring. Our technology specifically monitors for mentions on micro-blogging sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Banking industry forums, Blogs, Customer Review Sites, Photo and Video Sites (Flickr/Vimeo/YouTube) and Professional Networking sites (LinkedIn, Glass Door and others). Click here to view a comparison chart of our solution.


Complete Reporting

Comprehensive view of incidents and incident status through the BrandProtect enterprise portal. Ability to set up email alerts, create quick online or printed reports, activate BrandProtect resolution services, including takedowns and cease and desist actions and Includes unlimited incidents, for one brand.


Easy Implementation

Getting started is easy. Once you are registered, you complete a simple online questionnaire to build your credit union’s threat profile. Choose from one of the standard profiles created by BrandProtect, or build a customized profile. We will begin monitoring the internet for threats against your brand the very first day you enroll.


Dedicated Account Manager

Our specialists are on call to help you improve search and analysis and to respond to any identified issues. For time-sensitive issues, you can reach a support specialist 24/7 using our emergency hotline.


Asset-Based Pricing

cuSMART delivers complete, cost-effective online and social media monitoring for credit union, using a unique asset-based subscription model. For just one annual fee*, you get complete coverage for your brand. With cuSMART, you get what you need, the complete online monitoring that gives you the brand and reputation protection. *cuSMART™ prices start at less than $1,000/month, online $9,900/year for credit unions with less than $250M in assets.


Mitigation Services

Unlike other competing services, cuSMART includes full mitigation for the actionable incidents we detect and validate.

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