Enterprise Brand Protection and Reputation Risk
Monitoring, Management and Mitigation

Protect your valuable IP, brand, corporate assets and corporate team from damaging, infringing, or non-compliant activity across the Internet.

Why brandSMART is the Best

Brandjacking and other unauthorized online and social media activity create significant business, reputational and compliance risk. BrandProtect deploys a unique combination of advanced proprietary technology, incident-oriented workflow, advanced reporting and incident analysis, backed by a seasoned team of deeply experienced brand protection analysts, to quickly identify and take action on illegal, infringing or threatening online incidents involving trusted brands and trademarks. Specific threats can come from every direction, including phishing, identity theft, brand abuse, intellectual property abuse, social media, mobile apps and more

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“My objective is simple. When customer clicks on a link or navigates to a site or content that they believe is ours, I must make sure they are navigating to a place we control or authorize. The comprehensive BrandProtect threat and incident monitoring and mitigation gives me confidence that I am achieving my goal.”

Chief Counsel Global Retailer

Best-of-Breed Services Suite provides Comprehensive, End-to-end Brand Protection Monitoring, Management and Mitigation for:

  • Rogue Domains, Brandjacking

  • Auction schemes

  • Counterfeit Job Postings

  • Infringing Mobile Apps

  • Video Scams

  • Advertising Spoofs

  • Remote Agent and Executive Masquerades

  • Social Domain Fraud

  • Anti Phishing

  • Infringing and Threatening Social Media Activity

  • And more…


Comprehensive Brand Monitoring

To achieve unmatched threat detection across the open source internet, BrandProtect implements and extends a proprietary platform of advanced searching, spidering, and threat assessment technologies and tools.


Incident Assessment and Analysis

Refined over more than ten years, BrandProtect uses many sophisticated techniques and proprietary algorithms to separate trivial incidents from those that could threaten business continuity, compliance, physical assets, customers, executives or employees.


Workflow, Incident Tracking, and Complete Data Archive

Organized around a clear enterprise-class workflow, the BrandProtect portal captures and saves incident statistics, timelines, screenshots, actions taken, results achieved, and mitigation status.


Connect the Dots to Disrupt the Criminal Ecosystem

brandSMART includes advanced tools that help you gain knowledge of related incidents, for example attacks originating from the same domain or threat actor. When related attacks are detected, you can mitigate incidents closer to their source.


The SMART Advantage

The proprietary BrandProtect SMART platform combines the latest technologies and algorithms for threat detection, backed by deeply experienced analysts. Our search for potential threats is not only wider and deeper than the competition, it is more accurate. Our unique methodology eliminates the flood of false positives that can overwhelm you and your team.


Fast Reliable Mitigation

When BrandProtect identifies illegal, infringing or threatening content on your behalf, the BrandProtect mitigation team responds.

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